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A quick small story about us

It was october 2019, we were wearing sweaters and sipping a cup of tea when we got the idea about starting Rentashoot. Discussing further on why needed it, we found the media services sector was so overrated and underrated at the same time. Talented, creative artists including us were not getting any projects to work on but, at the same time, big media agencies were charging a fortune for almost no work done. People didn’t know what to expect and they didn’t really have a choice. 

So, that day, we decided, we would tie up with talented freelancers and get them do work that was  flawless and stunning. But there were already so many freelance sites out there, how were we different? We decided to monitor and supervise for quality content and keep ourselves questionable for the clients, for the charges and quality of the work delivered. Being engineering students, we also made it a goal to make this whole process fully technology equipped and smooth. We’re working towards it everyday and we will work on that forever. 

Meet Our Team


Co founder

A student at SoE, Dayananda Sagar University pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology. 



A student at SoE, Dayananda Sagar University pursuing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering.