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Wedding photographers search is not easy. We know you’ve been searching “best wedding photographers near me” on google from a long time. You don’t want to take a risk because weddings don’t usually happen or take place as common as a birthday in your life. You want the best photographer but also not burn a hole in the pocket. You’re in the right place don’t worry!

We are the wedding photographers that you are looking for!

You heard it right. We are affordable but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality. In fact, you would be so surprised to see the quality and creativity you would be getting for such a less price.

Even searching for the right location for your wedding might be easy but finding the right agency to capture one of the most important moments of your life which you would be looking forward to cherish your whole life, is quite a bit hard.

Our team of wedding photographers at work capturing a beautiful moment

How we are able to provide the best wedding photography at your budget?

As you are aware too, the camera technology has gone leaps and bounds in terms of image quality and you get very good images in a lower priced cameras too. But, many agencies still either use very old cameras or new expensive camera which are film grade and pass on their burden onto you by charging you high. It’s not your problem that they buy a high priced camera right?

That’s how we got innovative! When you contact us for a wedding photography order, we do the following :

  • We ask you for your budget (Don’t worry about anything being too less 😉 we can work out a best plan for any budget, continue to read to know how)
  • We ask if you have any samples to show on how you want your wedding pictures to look like. We know you all would have at least one picture which would have made you feel, “My wedding pictures should look like this!”
  • We ask for the location, date and the duration of the wedding.
  • We ask for the timeline, any customs and if you have any special requirements.
  • We ask if you need any physical items like photo album, or any wedding gifts, if yes, specifications about it such as the type of the photo book, the number of pages and so on.

After quite a long discussion with you, (We are absorbers of information, the more information you give, the better your output will be) we will start our research.

Our Research process:

We first search for the best cameras for your wedding based on your budget and the style of the images that you prefer. Since we rent the cameras based on your requirements and budget, we don’t cost as much as others who actually would have invested and bought the equipment and hence pass on their debit on your bill.

We then, research about the location, the lighting and other spaces and build a perspective.

For the wedding film, we sit down with you and write a story.

We’re set out to be the wedding photographers with a difference!

Our commitment as wedding photographers

Being and maintaining the reputation of “the best wedding photographers” is not easy. We push ourselves to provide you the best output that you can show to your generations to come. We know that is a huge commitment and we consistently learn, experiment and practice to give you the best possible memories. Our happiness is when you give us a smile and say “Thank you, the pictures and the wedding film are beautiful!”

We are looking forward to shoot your film and create a beautiful memory that should last a life time. Our ultimate goal is to be the wedding photographers that everyone aspires to hire.

If you wish to hire us for your wedding, request a call back on out contact page or,

Call or whatsapp us on +91 9480085594

If you plan on discussing with us personally, you’re always welcome to #1442, AJ acospace, Near Sub registrar office, Begur, Bangalore 560076. (click to get directions)

We really wish you a very happy life ahead and hope you choose us because, who doesn’t want to have good memories of their wedding which a only the really good wedding photographers can capture 😉

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